Tuesday, April 27, 2010

what i think

I think as a mother of children from college to preschool that it is our obligation to protect and educate our children. With the world moving away from what we have been taught to a new age of being evil is okay and be good and fowling the law is bad.We as parents have a the right to teach our children what our country was founded on. We are unique that America has alot of different cultures and traditions. We must never forget that we are all Americans. And that we all have families or relatives that are from other countries. We should support other people from other countries to come to America the right way. The law in Arizona that was passed just in forces the law all ready on the books written by the Federal government.We should support the rights of the voters in Arizona to have some peace in there state. It isn't discriminating to tell people who are here in the united states illegally to go through the proper channels to work here and to enjoy the wonderful life we as Americans enjoy. I ask you is that so bad.